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  • 1. What is sleep apnea?

    Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. If you snore loudly and feel tired even after a full night's sleep, you might have sleep apnea.

  • 2. What is the difference between CPAP, BiPAP and AutoCPAP?

    CPAP’s are set at one continuous pressure whereas a BiPAP is set at two different pressures – one when you inhale and another when you exhale. An AutoCPAP is set at a minimum and maximum pressure and it fluctuates as your breathing requires. For example, an AutoCPAP can be set between 4cm - 20cm. 90% of the time your body will only require “X” pressure but this machine will automatically adjust itself to a higher pressure if it detects a higher resistance.

  • 3. Why is it important for me to use this machine?

    Obstructive sleep apnea is caused by obstructions in your airway while sleeping. These obstructions cause long pauses in breathing sometimes for many seconds throughout the night. This is referred to as apneas. It is important to you use your machine because it is set a pressure indicated by your sleep study that keeps your airway open in order to keep apneas from happening.

    • 10. Can you make in-home visits?

      Typically, it is best for patients come in for set up of their new equipment as you will have access to our entire line of masks and supplies. However, we can make home visits if necessary.

    • 11. Why do I need a new Rx every year?

      This is to provide annual proof to your insurance provider that your CPAP supplies are medically necessary in order for them to cover them.

    • 12. Do I have to pick up supplies or can you ship them?

      We do offer shipping for new supply orders however the patient is required to pick up any exchange items. If you need your supplies in a certain period of time, it would be best to pick them up in person to ensure you have them when you need them.

    • 13. Where are you located?

      We are located at 870 Olive Street Shreveport, LA 71104.

    • 14. Which insurance plans do you accept?
      Administrative Concepts
      Aetna commercial
      Aetna Medicaid
      Aetna Medicare
      American Continental Life
      American Lifecare
      American Pioneer
      American Postal Workers
      American Public Life Insurance
      American Retirement Life Insurance
      Arcadian Community Care
      Association & Society Insurance
      Assurant Health
      Assured Life
      AXA Equitable
      Bankers Fideltiy
      Bankers Life
      BAS Ltd
      BlueCross Blue Shield
      Benefit Management
      Boon Chapman
      Care Centrix
      Care Improvement
      Central States
      Century Health
      Christian Brothers Employee Benefit Trust
      Constitution Life
      Continental Benefits
      Continental General Life
      Continental Life
      Core Source
      Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana
      Covenant Administrative Services
      Definity Health
      EBS of LA
      Employee Benefit Services of LA, Inc
      Equitable Life
      Everest Reinsurance Company
      Family Life Insurance Company
      FCE Benefits
      First Health
      FiServ Health
      Foreign Service Benefit Plan
      Fox Everett
      Freedom Life Insurance Company
      Gerber Life Insurance Company
      Global Care
      Golden Rule Insurance
      Great West
      Group Resources
      Hartland Life
      Health AdvantagHealth Cost Solutions
      Health Design Plus
      Health Net Life
      Health Plus of Louisiana
      Health Spring
      Healthlink Open
      HM Benefits Administrators
      IMA of Louisiana
      Insurance Administrators of America
      Insurance Trust for Delta Retirees
      Interactive Medical Systems
      Jefferson National Life
      Louisiana Health Access Program
      Louisiana Office of Group Benefits
      Lifestyle Health Plans
      Lincoln Heritage Life
      Local 198 Health & Welfare
      London Health Administrators
      Loyal American Life Insurance Company
      LSU First
      Lucent Health
      Lumico Medicare Supplment
      Magnolia Health
      Manhattan Life
      Marsh Affinity
      Med Partners
      Medicaid- Louisiana
      Medicaid- Aetna Better Health
      Medicaid- Amerihealth Caritas
      Medicaid- Healthy Blue
      Medicaid- Louisiana Healthcare Connections
      Medicaid- UnitedHealthcare Medicaid
      Medical Mutual
      Medico Corp
      Mercy St Johns
      Meritain Health
      MHC Employee Benefits
      MODA Health
      Monumental Life
      Mututal Assurance
      Mutual of Omaha
      NALC Health Benefit Plan
      National Automatic Sprinkler Industry Welfare Fund
      National Elevator Industry
      New Era
      NGS American, Inc.
      NTCA Benefits
      Office of Group Benefits- Louisiana
      Pan American Life Insurance
      Pekin Life Insurance
      People’s Health
      Philadelphia Life Insurance
      Physician’s Mutual
      Pirelli Armstrong Tire Corp
      Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 141
      PPO Plus
      Premier BCBS MCR supplemental
      Principle Life Insurance
      Prosperity Life Insurance
      Puritan Life Insurance
      QualChoice of Arkansas, Inc.
      Retiree Medical
      Royal Neighbors of America
      Rural Carrier Benefit Plan
      Secure Horizons
      Self Pay patients
      Sentinel Security Life Insurance
      Sheet Metal Workers Fund
      Shreveport Electrical
      Southern Guaranty Insurance Company
      Special Insurance Services, inc
      State Farm
      State Mutual
      TCC of South Carolina
      The Health Plan
      Thrivent Financial
      Tower Life Insurance Company
      TransAmerica Premier Life
      United Life Insurance Company
      Untied American Team Star
      United Commercial Travelers
      United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 15
      United States Life Insurance Company
      United Teachers
      United World Life
      Unitedhealth One- Golden Rule
      UPREHS Union Pacfici
      US Able Life Insurance
      Verity health Set
      Wells Fargo
      Western Union Life
      Western United Life